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IRS is proud to participate in the move towards increased “Atmanirbhar” (Self Reliance) in the Defence Industry, announced by the Government of India. IRS provides a full range of Classification and Certification services to Shipyards constructing ships and craft for the Indian Navy, Indian Coast Guard and other Defence and Paramilitary Services, and to the Industries supplying materials, machinery and equipment for these vessels. Several of these vessels are also maintained in IR Class after delivery.

More than 300 vessels and numerous boats have already been built under IRS Classification for the Indian Navy, Indian Coast Guard, Border Security Force, National Disaster Relief Force and other Government agencies.

IRS is also certifying machinery and equipment. sourced by shipyards from leading overseas manufacturers, ensuring that the products meet the specific requirements of the shipyards and shipowners.

Advanced Technical Studies and Analyses are also being carried out by qualified and experienced personnel for verifying specific design requirements, including strength, vibration, stability and for minimising acoustic, magnetic, infrared and radar signatures.

Customised Rules-Guidelines have been developed for:

  • Naval Combatant and Non-Combatant Vessels
  • High Speed Vessels
  • Coast Guard Vessels
  • Hovercrafts
  • Rigid Inflatable Boat and Auxiliary vessels
  • Remote Operated Vessels and Autonomous Surface Vessels
  • Solar & Battery Powered Vessels

Vessels under Class:

Anti-Submarine Craft Diving Support Vessels Large Survey vessels Fast Attack Crafts
Offshore Patrol Vessels Inshore Fast Patrol Vessels Research Vessels High Power Tugs
Large Floating Dock Auxiliary Crafts, Supply Vessels, Inspection Barges Dock Gates and Caisson Gates Training Simulators


Equipment under Certification:

 Main and Auxiliary Propulsion   Engines  High Speed Gear Box  IPMS, IBS, APMS and DP System  AC and Ref Plants
RO Plants STP and VTS HVAC System Ship Cranes
Davits and Derricks  Steering System Fin Stabilisers Capstan and Winches
Air Diving and Saturation Diving  Equipment Deck Fittings Watertight and Fire Class Doors and Hatches Helicopter Landing Grid
Hangar and Hangar Doors Helicopter Traversing System Fire, Bilge, Salvage, AVCAT Pumps Ship’s Valves


Advanced Technical Studies & Analysis:

Hull Strength Assessment Residual Structural Strength Analysis Ultimate Structural Strength Analysis Intact and Damage Stability Analysis
Fatigue Life Analysis Underwater Shock Analysis Air borne and Structure Borne Noise prediction Vibration Prediction and Measurement
Underwater Magnetic Signature Prediction Resistance Prediction Wake Prediction Ships Motion Prediction
Seakeeping Analysis Maneuvering Analysis Flow Simulation Aerodynamic Simulations


Worldwide presence of IRS allows us to provide prompt and efficient service towards material and product certification for a wide range of Defence requirements.